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What kind of experiences does Revl X support?

Our goal is to support every kind of adventure experience whether it’s underwater, on land, in the air, and even in space. Currently, Revl X is focusing on skydiving, driving, flight, and zip-line experiences. 

How does Revl X work?

  1. Revl X uses the Revl Arc smart action camera to capture videos and photos of the experience.

  2. The cameras are then docked into the Editing Box where footage and motion data is automatically transferred and analyzed by our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms.

  3. The A.I. analyzes both motion telemetry data as well as the footage itself, and looks looks for the most exciting moments in each video.

  4. The best clips are then arranged into a video, automatically synced to the beats, and delivered to the customer via email, app, or booklet. 

How do my customers view their videos and photos?

We deliver videos two ways, directly to their email as well as through the Revl Experiences app. The Revl Experiences app allows customers to customize their videos. 

How long after the tour/activity can customers see their videos and photos?

Customers will be able to see their videos in under 4 minutes after their activity. Our automatic editing algorithms edit videos incredibly fast and deliver videos directly to the customers email and Revl X app. 

Will I make money with Revl X?

Yes! Revl Experiences makes money for you! For experience providers new to video, you will instantly increase your profit per customer. For experience providers who already offer video, Revl X will save you time and money by automating the video editing process, offering customers more video products, and allowing you to scale without additional overhead.

What’s your pricing structure?

We use a pay per video pricing structure.

Does Revl X require a long-term contract?

No, Revl Experiences does not require a long term contract.

How do customers take their videos home?

Videos are sent directly to the customers email, Revl Experiences App, and optinally a physcial video booklet.

How does Revl X help with brand exposure on social media?

Every Revl X video comes with a branded intro, B-roll and, outro. This means that every time someone watches a customer video, your brand will be exposed to a new potential customer. Think of it like free viral marketing. 

With Revl X, customers can share their videos immediately after completing their activity, right from their phones.

What camera does Revl X support?

Revl X supports the Revl Arc action camera. Revl Arc cameras have built-in gimbal stabilization, making it easy for anyone to film stable video. Learn more about the Revl Arc Cameras here.

Do I have to purchase Revl cameras?

No purchase required. You can save money and rent any quantity of Revl cameras for your operation.

Does Revl X operate internationally?

Yes, Revl X does operate internationally. If you are interested in testing out Revl X we will come to you and give you a full demo. We are based in San Francisco, California.

What are some other benefits of the Revl X system?

  • No more Accidental Deletion. Revl X stores footage on the cloud so it’s always available.

  • No more SD card mixup. Revl X offloads footage without removal of the SD card.

  • No more videos delivered to wrong customer. Revl X will always deliver to the email entered.

  • No more unstable footage. Revl’s built in gimbal keeps video stable.

  • No more expensive cameras. Revl can rent you cameras based on your need.

  • No more USB sticks. Revl’s cloud allows us to deliver to email and smartphone app.

  • No more hiring and training video editors. Revl X required a one time setup.

  • No more costly video editors. Revl X automates the editing and delivery process.

How do I get started?

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