The complete automatic video editing solution for adventure experiences. 


Revl X’s intelligent video editing system makes selling customer videos easy by automating the entire process and editing customer videos in seconds using artificial intelligence.


Instantly deliver professional video and photo souvenirs to your customers.

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Sign Up

Customers enter their information on the Revl X Onboarding app and receive their QR tag.

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Capture their experience using the Revl Arc smart camera with built in gyro-stabilization.

Steps - Edit.png


Dock the cameras into the Revl X Box to automatically begin transferring, analyzing, editing, and uploading.

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Videos are sent directly to the customers email and the Revl app so they can share instantly.


Grow your revenue with a better solution.

Expand video product offering
Offer multiple videos, multi-camera edits, video booklets, photos, collages, boomerangs, and more all delivered same-day.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Your customers can now share their videos on the same day while they are still excited. No more #throwbackthursdays.

Scale easily with no extra overhead
Revl X seamlessly scales with you without the complexity of hiring and training more staff. From simply editing one video on a smartphone or tablet, to editing 100 videos at once using our Revl X Box. We’ve got your video creation needs covered.


Better videos, faster.

Videos edited by Artificial Intelligence
Proprietary algorithms find the best parts of the video using computer vision and telemetry data captured on the Revl Arc. Clips are then automatically assembled and synced to the beat of any music track.

Fully automated process
Revl transfers, analyzes, edits and delivers 100% automatically in just a few minutes.

Better quality for your customers
Revl X videos are engaging and action packed — perfect for social media. They also include real motion data overlays and a selection of the best license free music.


Stable video, every time.

Patented integrated gimbal stabilization
The Revl Arc is the only camera with an integrated single axis gimbal in the rear of the camera that keeps the camera level to the horizon, even in the most unstable conditions.

Electronic image stabilization
The Revl Arc has the best electronic image stabilization in the industry. It captures cinema quality footage free of jitters and small bumps.

You don’t have to be a cameraman
The Revl Arc's dual stabilization makes it easy for anyone to get a steady professional shot, even when falling 13,000 ft. from the sky. Instructors can fly as hard as they want, entertaining your customers while still capturing stable video.


Deliver in minutes, not days.

Instant Delivery
Customers can download their media packages instantly on-site, or anywhere any-time over the cloud.

One-Tap Sharing
With the Revl X app, customers can share their video directly to social media. No need for a computer or USB drive.

Customizable in the App
Easily personalize your final video by adding videos from your phone, music from your library, add overlays, and adjust speed (coming soon).

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Optimized for social media.

Multiple videos optimized for multiple platforms
Revl X generates up to 3 unique videos, multiple boomerangs, and photos that are optimized for social media

Branded videos and B-Roll
Revl has a team of professional film makers that will capture beautiful B-Roll that will showcase your brands experience and includes a branded intro, outro, and optional watermark.

Generate new customers with every share
Every time a Revl X video is shared on social media your brand is exposed to new potential customers.


Easy system management.

Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor everything thats happening in real time. Active experiences, rendering status, delivery, and statistics.

Accurate ID tracking
Our system automatically tracks each unique user, ensuring videos always get delivered on time and to the right person. No more typos, lost or mixed up footage, and accidental deletions.

Easy Video Settings
Easily adjust video settings on our simplified interface. Set video lengths, select or upload music, add B-Roll, upload logos, and add a custom message.


An end-to-end solution – packed with powerful features.

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Generates Revenue

Offer more video and photo products with no overhead. Scale easily as your video volume increases. 

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Instant Delivery

Customers can watch and share their experience videos and photos right after their activity.

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Cloud Storage

Videos and photos are stored safely on the Revl cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

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Social Media Package

Deliver multiple videos, curated photos, and social media content that is instantly shareable. 

Higher Quality Videos.png

High Quality Videos

A.I. detects the most exciting and emotional footage to use in each video and assembles it into a beautifully crafted video with B-Roll.

Stablized Cam.png

Gyro-Stabilized Camera

The Revl Arc camera captures 4K footage and comes equipped with an integrated gimbal that keeps the camera level to the horizon.

Customize Copy.png

Customizable Video

Every video is also fully customizable. Customers can change music, add videos and photos from their phone and apply cool effects (coming soon).

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Easy Management

Manage and monitor videos without any knowledge of how to edit videos. Eliminate human error so every customer walks away happy.


Learn how Revl X can help your business.

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